Angie Quintero

– Leather Artisan / Owner

Hi, I am Angie Quintero.

I am a leather artisan from Norman, Oklahoma. I like to design and create leather dog collars for tiny to large dogs. I have three highly active and hyper German Shepherds and they are my world. I am passionate about helping and advocating for all animals and humans. I enjoy coming home from a long day just to be filled with so much love from my four legged babies. Our three dogs inspire and constantly teach us to love and respect unconditionally.

When I am not working on leather, I love walking Pixie, Sawyer, and Nala to the park and around my neighborhood. Aside from my leather workshop and my fur babies, I am constantly reading and learning. Whether it’s about new leather techniques, traveling, the law, women’s rights and ways to help survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. I stay informed and seek ways to assist and advocate.

In addition, I volunteer for WildCare Oklahoma – please check them out because they do wonderful work for our community and wild animals.

Hi, my name is Sawyer. I am filled with so much love and energy. Like every other dog, I strive to make every moment of our lives fun. I constantly receive remarks about my comical facial expressions and because I have not “acquired” that signature German shepherd pointy-eared look. It is not my fault my ears are not up. Others make comments about my non-graceful and clumsy gallop. However, my midnight bold coat, sweet honey colored eyes, and solid regal silhouette make up for my goofy floppy ear face and my constant battle with my enormous paws.
I like to spend my days laying in the grass and observing the world. I also love drinking copious amounts of water.

Hello, my name is Pixie. They call me Pixie or Pix Wix because of my tiny body and magical personality. Unlike my brother Sawyer, my ears are pointy and straight but a little big for my tiny head and body. However, I still have time to grow into them. Many are not aware of the many advantages I have with these oversized ears. Once you meet me, you will understand why my hyper and loving heart keeps the world spinning. I love to visit the dog park and spend time with dogs smaller than me. My favorite dog toy is Cuzco, the blue leather whale. I love to fling Cuzco around and drag him everywhere. I believe that I can advert danger using my magical wand; for humans it is known as a tongue. I enjoy spending my days challenging Nala and Sawyer to chase me. I am quick on the feet and agile as a lioness. I also never refuse a good snack, whether it is insects specifically June bugs and spiders, or even a good chunk of red dirt, I always go for it.

Hello friends, my name is Nala. I was born in Utah and loved living there because of the snow, cooler air, and the mountains. However, several months after I was born, Angie opened her home to her brother and I. Now we are here in Norman, Oklahoma on this amazing journey. In our household, I like to keep the order. Now that Sawyer and Pixie are roaming around, it is difficult to stick to my routine. I can be pretty strict but I am learning to share. I enjoy walks, all types of bones, flowers, and the couch. We are not allowed to be on the couch but when humans are not around, I like to sneak a snooze or two on it.